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Help Us Meet People Where They Are...

and Help Them Discover Where They Can Be!


Jane Around The World, founded in 2019, has been on a mission to meet people where they are and help them discover where they can be. Pioneering this effort is our very own Jane Khan; at just 12 years old, she had a dream to help the homeless and at-risk population. For her thirteenth birthday, she asked Mom and Dad if she could take some friends out to serve in the streets. Her goal was originally 1,000 bags filled with necessary items like wipes, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick, band-aids, socks, and always a note of encouragement. This branched into resourcing local shelters and ministries. Since the start of the organization, we have delivered over 5,000 care bags to our friends on the streets and in shelters. In the interim, we opened our personal home to foster children, and we quickly became acutely aware of the parallels between homelessness and foster care. With the enlightenment, we had a new charge to make sustainable difference in the homeless population by way of prevention. This can be accomplished by bridging the gap for our teens aging out of foster care that do not elect to stay in extended care. Statistically, nationwide 30% of our kids aging out of foster care are homeless by the age of 21. When we narrow that focus to Texas, 20% are instantly homeless at the age of 18 when they willingly or forcefully leave their placement or facility. Together we can greatly impact these numbers by providing transitional housing in a tiered program that will not only allow for a safe place to thrive but will provide opportunity to develop through employment, financial literacy, therapy, and so on. We officially opened the transformational living home in January 2023 serving young ladies ages 18 – 24 years old that have aged out of foster care or generally at-risk of homelessness. Beth-Haran House, an extension of JANE AROUND THE WORLD is just the beginning of what God has planned for this organization. Our vision for the future includes a boys home just like the Beth-Haran House where we can begin to come along side them to transform into sustainable independent living.

Every ounce of support is seen and more importantly felt by those who we get to partner with and support by helping them grow beyond the limitations life has put on them. Our greatest desire and ultimate dream is to meet people where they are, but allow them to see who they could be and give them tools to get there.

Here's a look into how contributions support our friends on the streets and in our home:

  • $4,200 housing for a resident for a full year
  • $1,500 supports House Manager for a month
  • $4 bag of goodies for our friends on the streets
  • $2,000 transportation for residents for a full year
  • $700 feeds a resident for a year